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     Law Offices of Attorney Matt Beaulieu

Welcome to Plumb Law!

Rochester MA Attorney Matthew H. Beaulieu has been practicing law since 1993.
He has years of experience in Estate Planning, Elder and Disability Law, Family Law,
Probate Law and Probate Litigation, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, and provided advice
to closely held corporations.  He has also argued appeals before the Massachusetts
Court of Appeals and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Attorney Beaulieu has served as a Professional Fiduciary.  He has accepted positions
as a Guardian, Conservator, Trustee, Health Care Agent pursuant to a Health Care Proxy,
Attorney-in-Fact under a Power of Attorney, and as an Escrow Agent.
Attorney Beaulieu is also a Notary public.


Phone: (774) 849-5201